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JEE Main Question Paper 2024 – Check Previous Year Jee Main Paper/ Model/ Sample Paper Here!!

JEE Main Question Paper 2024- Check Previous year question paper, model paper, sample paper, and practice paper 2022

JEE Main Question paper for B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Plan is available in our article. It is a national-level entrance exam and offers candidates to take admission to various engineering programs. JEE Mains conducts its entrance exam in two sessions to be held from June- July. The candidate who is appearing in the entrance exam must be aware of the questions and syllabus of JEE Main 2024. In this article, candidates can check JEE Main previous year’s paper, modal paper, sample and practice paper, and the preparation tips for preparation for JEE Main Entrance Exam 2024 The following article contains all the details regarding the question paper.

JEE Main Question Papers 2024

The Question paper of JEE Main 2024 contains a total of 75 questions for B.Tech/ B.E, 77 questions for B.Arch, and 100 questions for B.Plan. The JEE Main online test is held in multiple shifts and the total time duration is 3 hours for each course.

There is a choice for opting for the language of the question paper as per the candidate’s need and requirement. The question paper is in Hindi or English Language. Gujarati candidates have also their language choice of question paper i.e Gujarati, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Other languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu in addition to Hindi, and English.

For B. Tech and B.Plan candidates the entrance exam should be in Computer Test and for B.Arch candidates – Mathematics and aptitude are in computer-based test and the Drawing portion is in pen-paper mode.

How to Download JEE Main Question Papers

The following are steps given below for downloading the JEE Main Question Paper are as follows:

  • Firstly, the candidates visit the official website
  • Then click on the JEE Main Question Paper link
  • Now, enter the Application Number and Password
  • Then JEE Main question paper along with the answer key will open on your computer screen.
  • Now download your question paper.

Download JEE Main 2023 B.Tech Question Paper- Click Here

JEE Main March Session Question Paper Analysis- 2021

The march session exam held in different dates. Check below the following dates of the March session entrance exam analysis.

16th of March 2021
Overall exam patternEasy to moderate
Shift-2Overall exam patternModerate
MathematicsModerate to difficult

Check B.E/ B.Tech Question Paper with Solutions- (16-03-2021)

17- March-2021
Overall exam patternModerate
Shift-1PhysicsAverage to Difficult
Shift-2Overall exam patternModerate

Check B.E/ B.Tech Question Paper with Solutions- (17-03-2021)

18th of March 2021
Overall exam patternModerate
Shift-2Overall exam patternModerate
PhysicsModerate to Tough
Check B.E/ B.Tech Question Paper with Solutions- (18-03-2021)

Benefits of Downloading JEE Main Question Paper

The following are benefits of regarding JEE Main Question paper are as follows:

  • Downloading and solving the previous year, sample paper, model paper, or sample paper helps the candidates to score well in the JEE Main Entrance exam.
  • Solving the question paper of the previous 10 years increases the morale of the candidate.
  • Increase the candidate’s confidence level.
  • Decrease the candidate’s mistakes at the time of the exam.
  • Practicing the question paper makes the candidates understand the level of the exam.
  • Regular solving of the question paper makes the candidate understand the weightage of the syllabus of JEE Main Test.

JEE Main 2021 February Exam Question Papers/ Answers

JEE Main 23rd Feb Question (Shift 1)

Question, Name the designers of the World Trade Center.
Answer, Minoru Yamasaki, Emery Roth
Question, Find the equations of the normal to the curve x2 = 4y which passes through the point (1,2).
Answer, x+y = 3
Question, If x = cy + bz, y = az + cx, z = bx + ay, where x, y, z are not all zero, then a2 + b2 + c2 + 2ab = ?
Answer, 1
Question, What is the minimum number of times a fair coin needs to be tossed, so that the probability of getting at least two heads is at least 0.96?
Answer, 8
Question, If x >1, y > 1, z > 1 are in GP, then 1/(1 + lnx), 1/(1 + lny),1/(1 + lnz) are in?Answer, HP (Harmonic Progression)
Question, If A+B+C = 180 degrees. Then, find tanA + tanb + tanC =?
Answer, tanA tabB tanC
Question, What are the number of divisors of the form (4n + 2), of the integer 240
Answer, 20
Question, Find the area of the triangle formed by z, iz and z+iz.
Answer, 1/2 |z|2
Question, The DE representing the family of curve Y2 (2c+x2021) where c is the positive parameter is of?
Answer, Order 1
Question, If z1 and z2 unimodular complex number that satisfy z12 + z22 = 4 then (z1 + z1)2 (z2 + z2)2 is equal to?
Answer, 12
Question, The locus of the midpoint of the chord of the circle x²+y=4 which substance a right angle at the origin is?
Answer, x²+y²=2

JEE Main 23rd Feb Question (Shift 2)

  • What will be the area bounded by the curves y=rootx, 2y + 3 = x, and the x-axis in the 1st quadrant?
    9 Square units.
  • If B and C are the square matrices of order n, and if A+B+C, BC=CB, C2 = 0. Then for any positive integer P, A^ P+1 = B^K * [B+(P+1) C]. What is K?
  • If a circle passes through the point (a, b) and cuts the circle x2 + y2 = k2 orthogonally, then what is the equation of the center?
    2ax + 2by -(a2 +b2 + k2)=0
  • The point on the curve y2 + 3x = 12y, when the tangent is vertical, is/are?
    ±​4/√3​, 2
  • If f: (1, ∞) → (2, ∞) is given by f(n) = n + 1/n then f ^ -1 (n) equals?
    n + (root(n2-4)) / 2
  • If 0< P(A) < 1, 0< P(B) < 1 and P (A⋃B) = P (A) + P(B) – P(A) P(B), then select the appropriate answer.
    P(A/B) = P(A)
  • If z1 and z2 are two non zero complex numbers such that |z1 + z2| = |z1| + |z2|, then arg z1 – arg z2 =?

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers 2024

The following table represent the JEE Main previous paper of 2020, and 2019 are as follows.

Years’SessionsDates Shift-1 Shift-2
9th, January
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
Mathematics | Chemistry | Physics
9th of Jan
10th of Jan
11th of Jan
12th of Jan


8th of JanPaper-2Paper-2
April8th of April
9th of April
10th of April
12th of April
7th of AprilPaper-2Paper-2


Question-1, Is downloading of JEE Main Question Paper contain any fee?

No, Downloading of JEE Main Question paper does not contain any fee, it is free of cost.

Question-2, Is JEE Main fee for all session can be paid together?

Yes, Candidates can pay their fee for all sessions together.

Question-3, Is syllabus of JEE Main 2024 is changed?

No, the NTA did not change the syllabus yet, it is same as last year’s syllabus.

Question-4, Which score card is consider for preparation of Merit list?

The Candidate’s best score out of four sessions is considered at the time of the merits list or ranking.

Question-5, What are the date of examination for all sessions of JEE Main Entrance Exam 2021?

Candidates can check the article to know the jee main examination dates

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