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Rajasthan ITI Question Paper 2023 – Download Question Paper Here

Rajasthan ITI Question Paper 2023 – Download Previous Year Question Paper, Model Paper & Back Paper

The full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute. Every Year a huge number of candidates take admission in Rajasthan ITI to complete their diploma course. Rajasthan ITI offers many trades like mechanics, draftsmen, and others. The candidates who are pursuing their ITI course from Rajasthan must be aware of the syllabus of Rajasthan ITI as well as the Exam Pattern. Here, provide all details related to Rajasthan ITI. In this article, candidates can download the previous year’s question paper as well as a model paper, sample paper & practice paper.

Rajasthan ITI Question Paper 2023

The students who are pursuing their ITI course can download the previous year’s question paper from here. The previous year’s question paper of Rajasthan ITI will help the students to know the exam pattern as well as the duration of the examination. Students can also check trades name duration of trades as well as seat availability.

Rajasthan ITI Previous Year Question Paper 2023

Engineering Drawing

Download Other ITI Previous Year Question Paper 2023

Rajasthan ITI Trade list 2023

Sector NameTrade NameDurationITI CountSeat
 462-Fruit and Vegetable Processor (NSQF)2 sem/1 year3722714427
Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture468-Horticulture (NSQF)2 sem/1 year3241416814
Automobile515-Mechanic Diesel (NSQF)2 sem/1 year40810,9208,39823,4488,398
Automobile504-Mechanic (Tractor) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year9200142360142
Automobile507-Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF)2 sem/1 year140194019
Automobile509-Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics (NSQF)2 sem/1 year4604014040
Automobile441-Driver Cum Mechanic (NSQF)1 sem81609828098
Automobile502-Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF)4 sem/2 year306724861,488486
Banking, Financial Service and Insurance986-Early Childhood Educator(NSQF)1 year100720
Banking, Financial Service and Insurance450-Finance Executive (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100480
Beauty and Wellness464-Hair & Skin Care (VI) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100240
Beauty and Wellness409-Cosmetology (NSQF)2 sem/1 year22001,0800
Chemical536-Painter General (NSQF)4 sem/2 year100400
Chemical478-Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)4 sem/2 year100200
Chemical541-Plastic Processing Operator (NSQF)2 sem/1 year3402114021
Chemical406-Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)4 sem/2 year32431203
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate543-Plumber (NSQF)2 sem/1 year741,5127453,984745
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate481-Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF)2 sem/1 year71204631246
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate966-Carpenter (NSQF)1 year15360205648205
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate991-Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF)2 year312881581,512158
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate990-Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF)2 year7241431214
Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate970-Surveyor (NSQF)2 year224249624
Electrical592-Wireman (NSQF)4 sem/2 year1511,5401,0697,1001,069
Electrical442-Electrician (NSQF)4 sem/2 year1,74865,02059,624224,48059,624
Electrical490-Lift and Escalator Mechanic (NSQF)4 sem/2 year2001200
Electronics & Hardware446-Electronics Mechanic (NSQF)4 sem/2 year901,6561,3644,5361,364
Electronics & Hardware557-Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester (NSQF)1 sem100240
Electronics & Hardware477-Instrument Mechanic (NSQF)4 sem/2 year4483519235
Electronics & Hardware513-Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances (NSQF)4 sem/2 year100720
Fabrication969-Welder (NSQF)1 year1273,0402,0495,1802,049
Fabrication555-Sheet Metal Worker (NSQF)2 sem/1 year340168016
Food Processing & Preservation407-Baker and Confectioner (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100480
Food Processing & Preservation458-Food Production (General) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year4483326433
Food Processing & Preservation456-Food & Beverages Services Assistant (NSQF)2 sem/1 year4401622016
Health Care 430-Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician (NSQF)4 sem/2 year3001200
Health Care 467-Health Sanitary Inspector (NSQF)2 sem/1 year1192,4001,6667,1041,666
IT & ITES475-Information Technology (NSQF)4 sem/2 year224229622
IT & ITES463-Geo Informatics Assitant (NSQF)1 year100240
IT & ITES474-Information Communication Technology System Maintenance (NSQF)4 sem/2 year302881751,416175
IT & ITES418-Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance (NSQF)2 sem/1 year7264186336186
IT & ITES421-Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)2 sem/1 year2176,1924,96410,9204,964
Leather and Leather goods487-Leather Goods Maker (NSQF)2 sem/1 year120114011
Leather and Leather goods459-Footwear maker (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100400
Mining and Mineral Processing566-Stone Mining Machine Operator (NSQF)2 sem/1 year1248488
Mining and Mineral Processing567-Stone Processing Machine Operator (NSQF)2 sem/1 year1248488
Production & Manufacturing496-Marine Engine Fitter (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100600
Production & Manufacturing453-Fitter (NSQF)4 sem/2 year5938,0606,50331,0606,503
Production & Manufacturing439-Draughtsman (Mechanical) (NSQF)4 sem/2 year9966743267
Production & Manufacturing493-Machinist (NSQF)4 sem/2 year61007426074
Production & Manufacturing460-Foundryman (NSQF)2 sem/1 year372189618
Production & Manufacturing578-Turner (NSQF)4 sem/2 year243602271,000227
Production & Manufacturing400-Additive Manufacturing Technician Three D Printing (NSQF)1 year100200
Production & Manufacturing575-Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) (NSQF)4 sem/2 year1248488
Renewable energy561-Solar Technician (Electrical) (NSQF)1 year100400
Safety and Security466-Health Safety & Environment (NSQF)2 sem/1 year2096251,34425
Safety and Security451-Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NSQF)2 sem/1 year602,6162,0345,7362,034
Safety and Security452-Firemen (NSQF)1 sem/0 year2724833648
Textile & Apparel440-Dress Making (NSQF)2 sem/1 year14160113580113
Textile & Apparel568-Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year3201210012
Textile & Apparel554-Sewing Technology (NSQF)2 sem/1 year315403981,180398
Textile & Apparel449-Fashion Design & Technology (NSQF)2 sem/1 year13240183560183
Textile & Apparel417-Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100200
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality470-Hospital House Keeping (NSQF)2 sem/1 year10967252872
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality471-House Keeper (NSQF)2 sem/1 year9963150431
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality576-Tourist Guide (NSQF)2 sem/1 year200960
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality564-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year8360233360233
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality461-Front Office Assistant (NSQF)2 sem/1 year6144118360118
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality553-Secretarial Practice (English) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year224144814
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality498-Marketing Executive (NSQF)2 sem/1 year3001440
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality472-Human Resource Executive (NSQF)2 sem/1 year100480
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality577-Travel & Tour Assistant (NSQF)2 sem/1 year124109610
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality565-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi) (NSQF)2 sem/1 year358405801,656580
 Total 1,748109,24892,454343,69692,454

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